Furniture Packages

If you get board from the old one and want to refurnish your home then choose the best Furniture packages according to your need. hold a full-fledged direction towards an astounding interior that is dazzling in appeal and completely dutiful. There is furniture for every place from the entrance till the exit. Skim through the crazy four furniture packages only at Wooden Street.

Premium Ruby Furniture Package

All your bare necessities covered, the premium ruby Package offers clean and simple designs for a simple urban setup, satisfying your taste of minimalism and keeping your interiors light and airy.


From 1.25 LAKHS

Premium Gold Furniture Package

Keeping the urban theme intact, this premium package  goes a step above by providing furniture that plays dual role through storage-rich and space-saving features to keep your home beautiful and clutter-free.


From 1.90 LAKHS

Premium Diamond Furniture Package

An artistic blend of tasteful and functional furniture units that cater to your needs while offering you more for your humble abode. In short, a marriage of design and functionality!


From 2.25 LAKHS

Premium Platinum Furniture Package

As the name suggests, luxury overflows from the selections of this incredible package. Let the opulent vibes embrace every corner of your home, transforming it into an epitome of luxury!


From 2.50 LAKHS

Create your own package

Can’t find the right furniture pack? Simply create your own furniture package from hundreds of individual furniture choices available! Contact our customer service team today.


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